Children of the 80s were doing a double take in the Hudson Valley last week when two icons of the decade were spotted at a local shop.

There are lots of celebrities that not only visit the Hudson Valley but also call it home. Seeing someone famous in a local store or on the street isn't quite as rare as it once was, but when it happens it's still a pretty cool experience.

Even the most jaded Hudson Valley resident can't help but get a little star crazy when they see someone they recognize from television, especially if it's someone who played a character that they remember fondly from their childhood.

YouTube/20th Century Fox/Little House on the Prairie
YouTube/20th Century Fox/Little House on the Prairie

So, you could imagine the frenzy that happened when some locals realized that the stars of Little House on the Prairie and Revenge of the Nerds were standing right in front of them.

The owners of Foundry 42 posted a photo on Thursday of actor Timothy Busfield and actress Melissa Gilbert shopping at their coffee shop and antiques shop.

Timothy Busfield famously played Poindexter in Revenge of the Nerds before starring in the breakout series thirtysomething. The actor went on to appear on The West Wing and had a supporting role in Field of Dreams. Melissa Gilbert will forever be known as Laura Ingalls from the highly popular series Little House on the Prarie but has left Hollywood behind for a simpler life in the Catskills.

The celebrity couple was married in 2013 and made the decision to move to Sullivan County in 2019. Gilbert has chronicled the transformation of their small cottage in the Catskills in Back to the Prarie. The book follows the renovation of their home and Gilbert's decision to leave the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and return to a simpler way of life.

Foundry 42 did not reply to requests for information about whether the couple enjoyed their time at the Port Jervis coffee shop and antique shop.

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