If you're anything like me, you have probably purchased concert tickets from Ticketmaster in the past few years. Yesterday multiple sources reported that the class action lawsuit that was settled with Ticketmaster in 2011, Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster, could work out in your favor.

A quick recap of what the lawsuit was all about, Ticketmaster was accused of over charging its millions of customers. And because of that, you could have some sweet discounts and even free tickets waiting for you. As a frequent concert goer, this news made my day.


To find out if you have free tickets and discounts waiting for you head to Ticketmaster.com. Log in with your user name and password (if you forgot your information and send an email to customer service it may take a while to hear back, looking at Twitter it seems that they are currently swamped). Click on MY ACCOUNT in the top right hand corner. Then, on the bottom left hand side, there is another link for ACTIVE VOUCHERS. There you'll find your discounts and tickets.

Here's the catch: the tickets are General Admission AND the concerts are from a specific list that Ticketmaster has yet to finalize. With that being said, it's great that they're actually doing something about this. I have five free ticket vouchers waiting for me and a handful of discounts.Keep checking back and you could be checking out some amazing concerts for free in the near future.

For more information about the Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster you can visit the official website.

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