Recently my thrift store and antique shop friends have noticed that prints and art have been selling quickly. It is as if everyone wants art for their walls all at once. But I suspect it is not so much about decorating and more about making a decoration.

I am fascinated by the people who come up with these clever craft projects. The latest to take off is a form of upcycling old unwanted art. The idea is to have fun and to create a painting you would hang on your wall.

Thrifted Ghost Paintings How to Do It Hudson Valley

StudioR12Stencils via YouTube
StudioR12Stencils via YouTube

Painting over a painting isn't unheard of after all many an artist has reused a canvas or two. Painting over a painting has been done but probably not like this new trend. If you craft you have mostly like already tried a form of this project. If you follow social media you may have even seen the craft take off.

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Everyone is creating Thrifted Ghost Paintings this Halloween. The trend has caught on so much that people are emptying thrift stores, antique stores, and even Habitat Restores to get their hands on the perfect painting or print to paint over.

Thrifted Ghost Painting is simply taking an old painting and putting your Halloween spin on it with paint and in some cases stickers.

How to Make a Thrifted Ghost Painting

You can use paint, stickers, pens, and even cut-out pictures like in the video below from CrateNart.

Watch as two different paintings get transformed into Ghost paintings.

Don't know how to paint? This video covers how to use stencils.

If you decide to treat one for yourself, be sure to share it with #GHOSTTREND. Next Up Christmas. Something is telling me that this will also be happening for Christmas so don't wait to get your paintings and prints they are flying off the walls all over the Hudson Valley.

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