As we wait and watch the weather for this weekend's impending snow storm, it occurred to me, why not make a plan. A plan for what to do if we get snowed in and then if we don't we should do it anyway.

So what are the top three things we all do when it snows and we are given permission by mother nature to goof off? I think it varies by individual. I could not find a top five list anywhere on the internet. So, let's go with there are no wrong ideas. I also think we can leave off shopping for milk because everyone does that, it is way to obvious. Plus, let face it we are all gonna stock up on our favorite foods, it's just what you do when it snows.

Okay, time to make a list. Number one should be stay in your pajamas. Even if you decide to take a shower put pajamas back on. This will also keep you from being able to go outside and shovel. The goal is to goof off, you can always dig out in time to go to work on Monday.

Number two has to involve binge watching. It could be Netflix but turning on the TV and leaving it on the same channel all day also counts. Maybe even try a channel you have never watched before. I do suggest though that you stay away from the shopping networks. That can end badly in a month when your credit card bill arrives.

Number three is my favorite. Hang out with folks, maybe your family, maybe a group of friends. Get together a group who doesn't feel uncomfortable with you in your pajamas and talk, play a board game and for heaven's sake stay off the digital device for a while. Take a moment and enjoy the company of someone when you have no where to be.

So let's pinky swear right now that we will do at least one of these things on Saturday, snow or no snow. I think number three should be your choice. Here's to watching and waiting for the snow and hanging out with your people.

Paty Quyn fun fact: I was in "Indy" when they filmed this video, it was as fun as it looks. Can you pick me out? I am gonna say no.

All joking aside be safe out there if we do actually get some snow.  And check out the link below for tips from the Red Cross.

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