Who do you think did what over the weekend?

Every Monday morning Jess and I meet up in the studio to go over some of the stuff we did over the weekend and after we talk about all of the things we did, we each make up a list of three things each. Then we read them to you guys on the air and grab a random caller (for no prize) to see if they can guess which one of us did what.

If you missed our "things" from the show today here they are....

Person one

1. Offended people with a carved pumpkin on social media.
2. Watched a ton of scary movies.
3. Had some delicious chicken tortilla soup.

Person two

1. Had to deal with crying kids.
2. Watched a crazy movie.
3. Got hit on and didn't even know it.

Who do you think did what? Get the answer in our weekly 3 things video....

Yes, us men are not very smart! Sorry...LOL. Thanks for watching and have a great week. Make sure you wake up with Jess and I all week for your last chances to win tickets for the "Boo" cruise this Sunday on the River Rose.

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