Who did what this weekend?

Three things is something Jess and I do every Monday morning on the CJ in the morning show. We do our best to keep track of some of the different things we do over the weekend and we each bring 3 of those things to the show on Monday and give you guys a chance to get to know us a little better by trying to guess who did what and in turn we get to know you a little better as well.

If you missed it this morning, here are our three things:

Person one

1. Went to a baby shower
2. Went peach picking
3. Wandered around Fern Cliff forest

Person two

1. Was sick
2. Did some dancing
3. Did some go karting

So who did what? Take a look....

Thank you for watching and make sure your listening all week to be a part of spend a day with me and Jess. We are set to race some go karts at Overlook Naskarts on Sunday August 20th at noon and if you want to be a part of either team CJ or team Jess, be listening all week long for your next chance to suit up and race away.

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