Now that fall has arrived we can start counting down to the big three of Holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hard to believe that summer 2018 is in the books. I'll be honest I am not going to miss the heat and humidity. So now that temperatures are cooling what do you say we get talking about the fun waiting for us over the next 3 months.

Halloween is up first on the calendar on October 31st and the countdown is underway. Before you know it we will be carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, dressing in our favorite costume and unwrapping candy. This year I am planning to head to the Annual New Paltz Halloween Parade. Every year this seems to be the place to be on Halloween. It is hard to tell if there are more people watching or marching as the crowd makes it way down Main Street in the Village of New Paltz then making the turn to the park. Hopefully we will get awesome weather so all the ghouls and goblins can come out in costume for the fun. After the Parade the party starts all over town.

Thanksgiving follows with all its deliciousness on November 22nd this year. I am already plotting the food. Turkey cranberry, potatoes, stuffing and those little black olives that are gone before dinner even starts. And please don't get me started on the pies. This holiday is one for friends and family to enjoy together. This year I will be glued to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I just found out I know someone who will be holding a balloon in the parade. I will be hoping for a glimpse of her walking past Macy's. Totally a reason to throw party.

And then finally Christmas on December 25th. The holiday which warms the heart and has all of looking back at the past year as we hang lights inside and out, decorate a tree and hope that Mother Nature arranges for a layer of white to make it even more charming. Christmas shopping, gathering with family and all the traveling can be stressful but it is so worth it when you finally sit near the tree and take in with all it's ornaments and lights. This is the one holiday that between work and family we could end up at parties the entire month of December.

Plan you outfits now the end of 2018 could definitely end up being one big party right through the New Year.

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