This coming Tuesday, April 10, I will be sure to Facetime my sister. Why? Because it is National Siblings Day and she lives on the other side of the world. Otherwise, I would at least treat her to a glass of wine. Yes, I am one of the lucky people who has a sibling. Apparently, according to census data, single child households are on the rise. Anyway, I grew up with a sister. My mom always said we were each other's best friend. If you are a parent of siblings you know that it's both true and false.

Me and my a few year's back.
Me and my sister a few years back

As my sister and I have gotten older, we seem to be better at being best friends. When we were younger, we couldn't have been more different. She was smart, she was funny and she was my little sister. As with all siblings, as you get older you realize your differences are your strengths and probably the reasons you need each other.

So on Tuesday, be sure to call your brothers and sisters even if it seems silly. And don't say mom made you do it.

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