All because I put a small bag of dog "stuff" in her garbage can.

As I continue my new adventure of being the proud papa to my puppy Smalls, there are a bunch of things that I need help with and who better to ask then you guys. You've helped me so much already with just about everything involving raising him. From how often to feed him, to whether or not I should let him sleep in bed with me? You've helped me out TREMEDIOUSLY and when what happened to me the other night happened, I knew I had to ask you about it.

Here's what happened, I was out the other day walking Smalls in the Town of Poughkeepsie area, I was on Lindbergh Place, off of Innis Ave and as we walked along, Smalls stopped to take care of his business like he always does. When he completed his "stop", I picked everything up in one of those doggy poop bags and we continued to walk down the street. Here is where things got a little crazy.

As we walked along we started to pass a house that still had their garbage can out front and instead of carrying his "bag" for the whole walk, I opened the can and threw the bag inside of it. As soon as the lid closed I heard a woman's voice getting louder and louder. Once she got over to us she was yelling at me, "That's not your garbage! What did you just put in there?" I was shocked that she was as mad as she was so I explained that it was a small bag of "stuff" and if it was a problem I would take it back out of the can.

She wanted nothing to do with my explanation so she grabbed the can and started to wheel it back up her driveway, huffing and puffing the entire way. I just stood there, frozen, like what the heck just happened? Did I do anything wrong? Now I have to change my dog walking route because I NEVER want to run into this woman again...LOL.

Is it ever OK to use someone else's garbage can? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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