The Hudson Valley is filled with so much history that is yet to be explored. Have you ever seen the historical markers throughout New York State?

These signs are usually blue with yellow writing and some can also be brown with white writing. Each sign is unique and has a story to tell behind it. A lot of these individuals helped shape the Hudson Valley to be exactly what it is today.

Next time that you're driving, be sure to safely keep an eye out for these plaques. I love learning about the history, people and where they lived during a certain time.

It's amazing to think that these influential individuals once roamed, lived and flourished right in the Hudson Valley where we live today.

This historical marker holds a significant piece of history not only for the Hudson Valley but for the world.

Have you ever heard of Benedict Arnold? I promise that this isn't a history class. He's known for his efforts of being an American military officer during the time of the Revolutionary War.

He was born in Norwich, Connecticut and later in life was known to some as a traitor.

If you don't' know much about him, you can learn the story in less than a minute from this historical marker. It states, "At Beverley Dock, at the foot of this lane, Arnold, exposed as a traitor, fled by boat to the British ship Vulture, off Croton Point".

The name of the marker is, Arnold's Flight Marker. You can read more about it here. 

Does this mean that those who live in the town think about Benedict Arnold and what happened? When passing through be sure to check this out and you can almost replay history in your mind of that situation. 

Do you have a favorite historical marker? My favorite is Sybil Ludington's marker. Let us know below.

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