I love getting my mail this time of year but I am pretty sure my post person isn't as thrilled. It is officially Christmas catalog season. Harry and David, LL Bean, Sundance, Toys R Us, Sturbridge and the list goes on, everyday another stack of holiday pages. I realize that most of you probably hunt for your deals online. You most likely use the website for your favorite retailers or just shop on Amazon. I however still love to thumb through a catalog and doggie ear my favorite pages as I go.

Feet with warm winter socks and cat slippers standing in front of Christmas gifts. top view
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Full disclosure I usually end up ordering my item online with the promo code that was given to me in the middle of the catalog where they list the website. I don't think any one actually mails in the order form anymore. As a matter of fact fewer and fewer catalogs even include that page anymore. I think they figure we like to look through the book but in the end we will be shopping on cyber Monday for the deals. MarcoMark online agrees. Tuens out they looked at print vs digital and discover companies that do both are winning.


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