I think we can all agree that $458 Million is enough money to get by with.

Well that could be all yours with the Mega Millions drawing. There was no winner this past Friday (March 23rd) so tonight is the big drawing.

The jackpot is sitting at a cool $458 million and I have faith that someone in the Hudson Valley will be winning big today. Deep down inside I'm hoping it's me, but I'd be fine  with another Hudson Valley resident winning big.

With that being said, the Mega Millions website has a generator that randomly selects your five numbers and then your Mega Ball number.

I happen to think that this is the best way to come up with your lucky numbers.

Below you will see the numbers that the site generated for me. I picked what I thought were the 3 best combinations.

Ticket 1: 22-29-48-54-70 Mega Ball-17
Ticket 2: 2-11-31-35-52 Mega Ball-18
Ticket 3 27-48-57-58-64 Mega Ball-4

Good luck! And I mean, if you win and you're feeling up to it...I'll take half.

The next Mega Millions drawing is tonight at 11pm.

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