One of the biggest talking points in the news has been UFO sightings. It's been all over social media in recent days and weeks, especially on Twitter.

It's easy to assume aliens when you hear the acronym "UFO," but it actually stands for unidentified flying objects, which really can be anything. It doesn't have to mean it's an alien from another planet; it can just be some aircraft that you don't know what it is.

Did you know there's a place in New York that is famous for UFO sightings?

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It's the town of Pine Bush, which is located fairly close to New York City, a short drive from Poughkeepsie, New York.

It's known as the "East Coast UFO Capital," and has been home to quite a few UFO sightings over the last few decades. From Triangular-shaped aircrafts or weird lights in the night sky, Pine Bush is a small town but now famous for being a UFO hotbed, according to Only In Your State.

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There's even a local diner called "Cup & Saucer Diner," with a UFO as a logo. It's been a staple in town now for years.

Roswell, New Mexico is known for its UFO sighting history and so is Rachel, Nevada, which is not too far away from the infamous base of Area 51. Those places are world-famous for their UFO history, but if you didn't realize, you now know that Pine Bush is the east coast variation of that alien-centric talk and pop culture.

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