Here is another brilliant idea from the messed up mind of CJ. I was watching the Olympics over the weekend and thought that I would enjoy them a whole bunch more if they had some better events. Events that even I could do. Don't get me wrong I appreciate all that the athletes do to prepare and train for their sports...But I think spicing them up a bit can't hurt.

So here it goes..The first ever WOLFLYMPIC's, I need you guys and gals to try and come up with a few events that you think would make great WOLFLYMPIC events. Get your best suggestions into me by Friday (2/14/14) and I will begin doing your events on Monday(2/17/14).

We got some great suggestions

From 2/11/14:

Ice Climbing

Snowboard Texting

Marshmallows in The Mouth

Knife Curling (Frozen Knives stuck to tongue and curl)

Snowball Eating

From 2/10/14:

Snow Ball..Dodge Ball

2 Man Trash Can Racing

Shovel Luge

Ice Skating Hakiesack

Snow Cone Brain Freeze

Snowman Bowling with Watermelons

Wet T-shirt (remember I will Be doing these events so prob not)

Sleigh Riding Races

Redneck Biathlon - Snowmobile racing and Small Game Hunting

If you have a suggestion..leave a comment or send me an email at CJ@HUDSONVALLEYCOUNTRY.COM