The weather is getting nice and eventually it'll stop raining and the motorcycles will be out.

Do me a favor and watch out for them.  I understand that there are a few that seem to think they don't have to follow the rules and can weave in and out of traffic, drive down the middle between stopped cars or pass where not allowed but keep in mind, that is a select few and mostly the sport bikes.

For the most part, riders like myself that ride the cruisers, etc ride for fun, freedom and passion.  We will respect you, please respect us.

There are many times that I'm crossing the Mid-Hudson and wondering how much anxiety I'll encounter trying to do it on the motorcycle.  Road construction and rush hour add to the stress.

Look twice or even three times, always be observant and remember, motorcycles are way smaller and way less protected than cars.

I'm a father, husband, friend and your at work friend on 943/973 The WOLF, please help keep me safe.  Stay back just a bit further than normal and give us room because we'll be grateful will our families.

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