It seems that just about every holiday comes with symbols that make us think of that particular holiday and then decorate accordingly. New Year's Eve has champagne glasses and funny hats. Easter has the Easter Bunny and colored eggs. Thanksgiving has Pilgrims and the turkey. Christmas has the tree and Santa. And of course right now we are surrounded by pumpkins and creepy things as Halloween fast approaches.

So where do these symbols come from and how do they become part of a holiday's tradition? Let's look at Halloween since we are only days away from the scary fun planned for the 31st of this month. Holidappy online has broken it down. From witches and black cats to pumpkins and ghost they offer up a reason why each of them has become a symbol of Halloween along with some other things.

TopTenz has comprised a slightly different list and included the meaning of the symbol and it's origin. From witches to scarecrows to pumpkins and ghosts, TopTenz counts them down and even came up with a few you might not have realized are associated with Halloween


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