We're all looking for a scare this time of year. Why not hop in the car for a quick road trip to Westchester that will leave you in a cold sweat? Sounds fun right?

The Hauntings of Buckout Road in Harrison, New York

While researching haunted happenings across New York I stumbled upon the story of the allegedly haunted Buckout Road in White Plains. OnlyinYourState.com found "several substantial chilling tales" surrounding the White Plains road.

Witches, Ghostly Apparitions, and Cannibals, OH MY!

According to OIYS,  legend has it that 3 women were burned at the steak in the 1600s after allegedly being caught performing witchcraft. How very Salem of White Plains!

The ghost of Mary Buckhout is said to haunt the road. She was one of the original family members that lived in the area and sadly hung herself. Mary is said to be seen roaming the road wearing white. Her husband, John Buckhout's grave still stands in the area.

Youtube/ The Curse of Buckout Road
Youtube/ The Curse of Buckout Road

Lastly, and probably most terrifying, is the tale of the attacking cannibals. In the area of The Red House or The Albino House, the legend goes that if you park in front of it and honk 3 times "a family of cannibalistic Albinos would come out after you."

Folklore and legends are weird, but you have to admit that's pretty scary to even think about.

Scares on Screen

In 2019 a film was released called The Curse of Buckout Road even further the local haunted legend. It even starred big names like Danny Glover and Evan Ross. The trailer is pretty terrifying. I suggest watching in the daylight, but that's just me.

The Most Haunted Road in America Starts in Kerhonkson?

All this talk of haunted roads reminds us of one of the 'most haunted roads in America.' According to reports, Route 44 which starts in Ulster County in the Town of Kerhonkson is the beginning of one terrifying road trip.

The legend goes that Route 44 will take you to Route 44 in Rehobeth, Massachusetts where it has been reported that a phantom hitchhiker will try to get a ride with you and show up in your car!

Lock your doors and maybe take a different route.

What's your favorite Hudson Valley/New York legend? Do you know of a real haunted house? Send us a message, maybe we can go for a ghost hunt!

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