How can something with the word "mitten" in its name be bad? Well you need to talk to the DEC because the Chinese Mitten Crab has been spotted in the Hudson River and it is considered an "Outlander". By that I mean it doesn't belong and they don't want it to continue to spread. It is not native to the Hudson and they are trying to corral the population by tracking where it is being found. So if you are someone familiar with the river and you have notice these crabs in your travels the DEC would like to hear from you.

Not being a crab expert if I were to discover one I might not know the difference but loyal crabist should and if they come across one the DEC has specific instructions they would like you to follow. This aquatic invasive, their words not mine can cause problem for our local blue crab population so if you discover one they ask that you please don't throw it back and apparently don't make dip out of it either. The DEC would like to to freeze it report it and note the day, time and place that you found the little creature. They are trying to locate the population and where it might be starting it's migration.

According to the DEC website the first Chinese Mitten crab was caught in the Hudson River in June 2007 near the Tappan Zee Bridge. Eventually they made there way farther up river but as of late their population seems to be dropping again. However the DEC is on the lookout to confirm that fact. Native to East Asia these little beasts who can be found in fresh and salt water have cause damage in Europe and San Francisco.


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