Should the parents have to pay for the broken statue that their 5 year old knocked over?

As a parent, I always warn my kids whenever we go into a store to make sure they don't touch anything. I always say "we look with our eyes not our hands" and for the most part they listen and this is why I say it.

This parent nightmare happened last week at the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas, and involves two kids and a broken statue that costs a lot of money.

According to CBS, two young boys were running around and playing with each other at the community center when one 5 year old boy stopped playing around to look at a piece of art and that's when things went bad.

The video below shows the young boy hugging the base of a sculpture called "Aphrodite di Kansas City," as he's hugging the statue it starts to wobble and tilts towards the floor and eventually falls and breaks.

The boys mom, Sarah Goodman said that it was an accident and thought that it would cost around $800 to fix but was way off, as she came to find out that it'll cost $132,000 to fix. She said that they received a letter from the City of Overland's insurance company accusing them of negligence for not monitoring their children and that they could be held liable for damages.

Goodman told CBS that she feels the center should hold the blame, "It's in the main walkway. Not a separate room. No plexiglass. Not protected. Not held down, there was no border around it. There wasn't even a sign around it that said, Do not touch."

It looks like the matter will now be handled between insurance companies, but got us thinking...

Should parents have to pay for their child's mishap? What do you think? Let us know on Facebook or call the show anytime at 845-473-9431.

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