It's inevitable that the further we get into autumn, we're going to see our first frost at some point.

After a warm week and a very humid Saturday, the Hudson Valley could actually see its first frost of the season early this week, as temperature drastically cools down.

This isn't anything unusual of course. The average first frost for Poughkeepsie, and most areas in the Mid Hudson Valley, is around Oct. 22, according to sources. We're not too ealry this year.

Lows Monday night could dip to the mid 30s across the region.

You can protect tender plants from frost damage by covering them with anything from sheets to an old blanket, or even plastic cups. Watering them a day before also helps because wet soil holds more heat.

Some gardeners may also use raised beds or cold frames.

Meteorologists keep saying that while autumn temperatures may be mild in the area, the winter ahead is going to be very cold and snowy.

Of course, none of these long range forecasts are ever set in stone, so who knows?

Still, brace yourself for some colder weather this week