As I was growing up there were many toys that were popular, but no one toy left a bigger impression than the Hess Truck. Later in life when my nephew was born no matter what I got him for Christmas I always also got him a Hess truck.

I grew up in Cornwall, New York in Orange County and I can still remember the Hess station at five corners in Vails Gates. Every year around Thanksgiving a commercial crate would show up in the parking lot full of that year's Hess Truck. It was always the gift for kids and you had to buy them fast before they sold out. One year I actually had to travel all the way to the Hess on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie to get that years truck because it was the only station that still had one.

It didn't matter what the vehicle was each year people would run out to by it. At that time you could get the toy truck with batteries for under $20. That was part of their marketing. The price has gone up over the year but the Hess Truck is still the perfect gift for people of all ages. Kids like to play with it and grown ups like to collect it. In my antique business if you have a classic Hess Truck Mint in Box you have an amazing find. Just search Hess Trucks for Sale online to see what people are asking for their collection.

The 2020 Ambulance and Rescue is priced at $36.99 and you can add gift wrap for $3.99 if you order online. According to the official post on the Hess Toy Truck Facebook page this is the first-ever Ambulance and Rescue. Rather fitting for the year we have had thanks to COVID 19. They claim it is "brighter, louder and braver than ever with nearly 100 lights, 4 sirens and flashing light patterns" plus wheelie-popping power and a new mule mode. It sounds like it is worth a lot more than it's sticker price. This year's model also pay tribute to all our first responders. I suggest you get one to play with and one to keep as a collector - Mint in Box!

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