Just in time for the holiday season, the Griswold's have returned to the Hudson Valley. The Family Truckster was spotted once again in Ulster and Orange Counties.

In the last few months, the Family Truckster from the National Lampoon Vacation movies has been seen driving all over the Hudson Valley and Capital Region. Back in May, we learned that the Dittus Family, from the Lake George area, own 3 Griswold-like station wagons.

While the Dittus Family Truckster, with Aunt Edna, packed up and secured on top, is a staple in Lake George, it's not every day we get to see it cruising the streets of the Hudson Valley. However, it does pop up occasionally in our neighborhoods.

For instance, back in June, it looked as though "Clark Griswold," aka Tim Dittus, was allegedly pulled over by the Kingston Police Department.

The Lake George Family Truckster was spotted this past weekend in Ulster and Orange County. Carmine Fuoco shared on Facebook that he caught a glimpse of the Truckster in New Paltz writing on Facebook:

Only in New Paltz would you see Christmas vacation vehicle at the Mobil station by the thruway with aunt Edna on top lmfao.

According to the Lake George Family Truckster Facebook page, they were in the area as they were a part of the Middletown tree lighting ceremony. The Family Truckster was representing Steve Keeler's Rock Fantasy store in the parade.

The Dittus family also shared that the Truckster will be out and about this holiday season and possibly making a television appearance. You can keep up to date with The Lake George Family Truckster's whereabouts by following along on Facebook. 

The Family Truckster isn't the only pop-culture vehicle cruising around the Hudson Valley. The Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo has been seen driving around Orange County, possibly looking to solve another mystery with Shaggy and the gang.

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