New York State has some of the most scenic and breathtaking hikes available on the East Coast. The Hudson Valley in particular is home to a huge handful of those spectacular hikes.
Aside from being naturally stunning, the Hudson Valley has some of the most beautiful protected areas in the country, and it would be remiss to not take advantage of them. Especially during times when the seasons are changing, these hikes really shine. Whether you're defrosting after a snowy winter or ready to take in the numerous gorgeous colors of the fall leaves, you're sure to find a scene straight out of a painting with the incredible views the Hudson Valley holds.
Hiking is also something that can get us away from our family, or even get our family to spend more time together, depending on what you want to get out of a hike. This list includes a hike for everyone! Whether you're a seasoned hiker and looking for a real challenge, or you're just looking for a relaxing stroll, you'll find plenty of options on this list.
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Best Hikes in the Hudson Valley

This compiled list of 25 hikes in the Hudson Valley is for people of all age groups and skill sets. This list includes a variety of trails, some taking at least a full day to complete while others can be done in under an hour. Some can also be done year-round, while others may be better during certain seasons. No matter what, go out and enjoy these hikes and the many others that the Hudson Valley has to offer.

The 25 Absolute Best Hikes in the Hudson Valley

We've compiled a list of the 25 best hikes in the Hudson Valley. All of the hikes are of varying difficulties and lengths, so no matter your skill level or amount of time you have available there is a hike for you here.

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