We have been having some really nice weather lately. I've been able to take my newborn for a walk a few days and even been able to wash the cars. One thing for sure about the Hudson Valley is the changing seasons. I'm always talking to people in the south that say, "I love how you have the changing seasons. We get two here in the south. It must be so nice to have them every year."

It is, but how many are there really? I feel like the old "four seasons" thing is misleading because there are WAY more than four and they can happen at ANY time of the year!

We have:

  • Winter
  • Fool's Spring (which was this past week)
  • Second Winter (coming probably next week)
  • Spring of Deception
  • Third Winter (probably something like an Easter Blizzard)
  • Mud (on the tires) Season
  •  Spring
  • Summer
  • Ha. Fake Fall
  • The Second Summer
  • Fall for Real

Each year I feel like each of these seasons trade places and decide to keep us wonder what actual season it really is.

Here's to wearing shorts soon but probably having to put on a winter coat by noon.

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