Over the years me and CJ have learned that we're terrible at giving advice. However, our listeners should probably be therapist, because you give the best gosh darn advice.

Every Wednesday we scan our email inbox for people around the Hudson Valley who are looking for a little bit of help. Sometimes its serious advice, sometimes it's not too intense. This week is on the less serious side, but it sounds like a Hudson Valley family is going to be hangry this holiday season.

There's always some kind of Thanksgiving drama right? Thankfully, it's not political. This drama is more about the menu. Here's the email we got last night from, we'll call him Turkey Tom:

Hey CJ and Jess,

So this isn’t a huge deal, but I’m kinda mad about it. Just like everyone, we’re planning on a small family gathering for Thanksgiving and my sister in law created a family chat saying that she is going low-carb/low-sugar for the holidays and that she is hoping we can cater to her “Dietary needs.” She literally said she doesn’t think we should put stuffing or cornbread on the table and maybe limit dessert to only one pie and a fruit platter. I’m all for being accommodating, but this is a bit much. It's not like she's allergic to any of this stuff. I’m a big guy and I love Thanksgiving. Me and my cousins started a separate group chat but we don’t know how to tell my brother that his wife is being ridiculous. How should we handle this? - Turkey Tom.

The holidays are always tough. I understand trying to watch what you eat during the holidays, plus it's like 10x more stressful with everything going on with COVID. But asking everyone to follow your diet. I say text her group chat that you'll make healthier options available, but you're still going to follow your normal Thanksgiving menu.

Bring on the stuffing!

What do you guys think? Text us or call us and let us know!


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