Gift Wrapping Challenge
After losing to Jess in the Singing Drive thru contest from last week, I had to come up with something new that I could possibly win. And that's where the "Wrapping Challenge" was born.
Who could wrap a clothes box quicker? Me or Jess?
If you missed it on air today here are the…
True love and your favorite Teddy Bear
When I was 9, my Dad went on a business trip to Canada. He brought me back a brown teddy bear with green glass eyes, a little red mouth, and who was the perfect size for snuggling. I called him Benny, and after all these years(I will not reveal the actual number), he is still with me...
When a toy becomes the "it" Christmas gift, it becomes a PHENOMENON.  And this year's big Christmas toy is . . . nothing.
Gerrick Johnson is a toy industry analyst with BMO Capital Markets.  He says, quote, "There are no hot toys this year ...