As we approach Mother's Day this Sunday, is there a parent divide in your house? The divide being that your kids misbehave more with one parent then the other? A new study out does show that most kids misbehave more around their mother than their father. If your a mom reading this, it might not come as a surprise to you, but for some it might be.

Growing up in a house with my mom and my step-dad Phil, I was always the kid that knew that I could get away with a whole bunch more with my mom than Phil. At this point in my life I can admit it. I wasn't a well behaved young-in'.....LOL! Anytime there was trouble created by CJ, I always begged my mom to never tell Phil because I was deathly afraid of his consequences. They were far different than moms!

Another example is that my mom would always yell at me after I would spend a night at a friends house, not because I was bad at their house, but because my friends moms would always say how well behaved I was. She would always say CJ, "WHY CAN'T YOU BE LIKE THAT AT HOME!!!"...LOL!

If you have kids in school think about how your kids act after a long day at school. After doing their best to follow all the rules in school, when they get home, "they are like a bottle of soda that’s been shaken until it’s going to pop. If you take that lid off too quickly, it’ll explode." according to the website Kitchen Fun. Expert parents say it’s not their fault because its really hard for kids, especially the young ones, to control their behavior for so long and when they get home they have to let loose a bit and mom is usually on the receiving end of it.

A new study explains that there's a pretty basic reason behind the "why?" It's simple, most kids understand that home with mom is their soft place to land no matter what happens in their world. Kids no matter how old they are, know that they know they can trust you and no matter what, you love them unconditionally.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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