Can you name one?

We have talked about it many times, things have changed sooo much over the course of time, right? I mean for me growing up in the late 70's and early 80's there are so many things that I think kids today will have no idea of how we struggled with.

Even Jess agreed there are so many of them, so we decided we needed to put together a little list of some of them so we can refer to it whenever our kids act up. Here is what we have so far....

Rewinding VHS tapes
Having to wait for dial up internet
Waiting for the radio to play your favorite song with your tape recorder to record it
Trying to call a radio station on a rotary phone
Having to go on the roof of house to fix the TV antenna

Greg texted us "the struggle of your mom picking up the phone and kicking you off the internet while downloading a song on napster." Jess texted us, "A struggle was When I had to make sure I had 25 cents to use the pay phone so my parents can get me from the mall."

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