It's our Mount Rushmore of shopping.

As we approach the holidays most families have started to plan out their holiday shopping. I know in my world, two days after Halloween, both of my younger kids gave me their Christmas lists for this year, as they said, "just incase you need it Dad!"....LOL! At least they're prepared.

As we start to think about what we are going to get for people in our life this year we thought it might be fun to dream a little bit. Plus we are giving you a chance all week to win a $5,000 shopping spree, thanks to Carrie Underwood and UMG Nashville.

So if you had an extra $5,000, what store or stores could you easily blow it in? It's our Mount Rushmore of stores we could blow $5 grand in! I went with Dicks Sporting Goods, HomeGoods, Stop & Shop and Giggles...LOL. Jess went with Old Navy, Best Buy, Under Armor and Trader Joes.

We asked everyone listening to the show to share with us what store they would blow $5 grand in and got some great text messages through the Wolf app including, Dave who said Harbor freight tools, Mike from Saugerties said, "keeping it local and family owned. Safe shoot, Kenco, Teixeiras Polaris and arctic adventures."

Victoria from Goshen texted in, "The 4 stores I know I can spend a lot of money in is Bath and Bodyworks, Walmart, Victoria Secret ,and Gap." Katrina from Poughkeepsie said, "Homegoods, Target, Wally World, and Home depot."

What stores could you do some damage in? Call or text us through the Wolf app and keep listening all day for the code words that could win you a $5,000 shopping spree. Good luck!

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