Can we chalk this up to a slow news day? Or perhaps, we're talking about serious business concerning one of New York's most famous and beloved foods.


Well, sort of. What we're talking about here are bagels and...emojis? So, Apple announced that they'd be rolling out seventy new emojis with their iOS 12.1 software update. This basically means a bunch of new smileys, animal faces, and food items you can send back and forth to your friends via text.

One of the food items people will be able to text to one another is the new bagel emoji. What's got a few New Yorkers on social media a bit heated is the appearance of the bagel. If you take a look at the new emoji, you'll notice it's shiny surface, lack of cream cheese (or any sort of topping), and the fact that it looks like it was sliced by a machine.

Basically, it looks like something out of a package from the grocery store. It's certainly not something you'd find in Manhattan, or somewhere here in the Hudson Valley like Monticello, Kingston, or Hopewell Junction. It looks cheap.

Some folks have taken to Twitter and other social media outlets to voice their disapproval. One twitter user said the new bagel emoji looks like "something you get from a cardboard box in the freezer section at Walmart."

It's kind of ridiculous...after all, we're just talking about a small, minuscule text graphic. But then agin, how would react if the pizza emoji looked more like some sort of square-shaped mass you'd find at your old school cafeteria?

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