A quickly sold-out beer brewed to commemorate an officer who lost his life in the line of duty is coming back for a limited time.

In February, Zeus Brewing Company in the City of Poughkeepsie released a limited edition beer called PK's Finest. The beer was inspired by fallen detective, John Falcone who died ten years ago in the line of duty. Falcone was pursuing a suspect who had just shot his wife when he was shot to death.

According to Jeremy Phillips from Zeus Brewing Company, the beer had been planned with the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department since last year. Phillips says he had the police choose the beer and what charity a portion of the proceeds would be donated to.  They settled on a hazy pale ale and the DC 10-13 Foundation.

Zeus Brewing Company got involved with the beer because of a close connection with the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department. Phillips says the tragedy hit pretty close to home for him.

I had several friends working in the department that day 10 years ago. I remember texting all of them to see if they were ok. This collaboration is a reminder that every day, our first responders go to work and put their lives on the line for our safety.

Even though a huge snowstorm, beer fans and supporters flocked to the Poughkeepsie brewery at 2pm when the beer was released, quickly buying up all of the available cans. By the end of the day, PK's Finest was completely sold out.

Because the beer was such a success, Zeus Brewing Company has announced that they are now brewing another batch. To avoid a stampede, the brewery is currently taking pre-orders online. All orders will be available for pick-up on or after March 24.

Zeus Brewing Company
Zeus Brewing Company

PK's Finest has a slightly milder hop profile, making it a bit more approachable than an average IPA. The suspended yeast packs a bit more flavor into the beer, making the drinking experience pretty unique. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the 10-13 Foundation. Code 10-13 means “officer down, needs assistance.” This charitable organization was established to offer financial aid and assistance to members of law enforcement and their families who may be suffering financial hardship or illness.

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