This is NOT, I repeat Not your family friendly version of the Muppet movie but it is super funny in a twisted kind of way. As a matter of fact even though Jim Henson's kids Brian and Lisa are involved in the making of this movie according to what I read from Fox News I don't think you'll bring bring the kids to this movie. And because Jim's kids are involved I'm not sure Sesame Street can do much about the movie or it's portrayal of puppets/muppets

As I was heading out friday for the long weekend I saw a headline that Melissa McCarthy was being sued by Sesame Street but I didn't give it much thought until someone sent me the trailer for The Happytime Murders. Of course I watch it, laugh uncontrollably and then realize, "yeah, Sesame Street might have something to say about this."   Actually the lawsuit is being filed by Sesame Workshop. They are claiming that a soon to be released movie entitled "The Happytime Murders" could give Sesame Street a bad name. In true Melissa fashion, it is out there on the edge of crass humor.

Checkout the attached trailer for yourself and whatever you do don't watch in front of the kids. This is an "R" rated movie and I think the trailer has all of us to seeing "puppets" in a new light.

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