Sam Hunt is not taking any chances on missing out on dessert this Thanksgiving Day.

"When I pile my plate up, it’s mostly turkey and then I'll put a little dressing on the side, and I’ll usually go ahead and grab my dessert on the first run, and have it ready before it all disappears," the singer says with a laugh in an interview with his record label. "Those are the really the three things."

The superstar admits that one of his favorite parts of Thanksgiving might seem a bit unusual to some people.

"It’s strange, but since I was very young, I’ve always loved drinking milk," he says. "My brothers too, we drank lots of milk. My cousins, who grew up down the road, they always looked at us funny when we wanted to drink milk with our Thanksgiving meal. They would have coke or whatever else. So, I still get turkey, dressing, a piece of pecan pie and a big ole glass of milk."

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Hunt has a lot to be thankful for in 2017. In April he married his longtime girlfriend, Hannah Lee Fowler, the woman who inspired many of the songs on his debut album, Montevallo. His latest single, "Body Like a Back Road," scored him one of the biggest country hits of 2017. The song is the first single from what will eventually be Hunt's sophomore album, but despite touring extensively in 2017 on his 15 in a 30 Tour, he admits he's in no particular hurry to finish his second record.

"I don’t want to come off as ... I’m not excited about making music or I’m not very hopeful to have new music for the fans who are anxiously awaiting new music, but, you know, I’m in a place in my career and in my life where I’m not willing to give music 100 percent of me anymore," he told the Boot in July. "I did that for four years, and it was fruitful as far as my career goes, but everything else in my life had to be put on hold, and I’m just not willing to do that for years and years at a time."

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