First responders rushed to the scene following reports of a plane crash into the Hudson River near a Hudson Valley bridge.

On Friday just before 6 p.m., reports started circulating on social media regarding a plane crashing into the Hudson River near the Mario Cuomo Bridge.

Four Hudson Valley Police Departments Respond to Reported Incident

Mid-Hudson Bridge, City of Poughkeepsie, Poughkeepsie Waterfront, Hudson River

"Reported Plane crash," Orange and Rockland County Fire wrote on Facebook. "Hudson River North of TZ bridge."

The Nyack Fire Department, Westchester County Police Department and Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department were rushed to the scene. The Piermont Fire Department was requested.

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Miracle on the Hudson 2?

Davis Turner/Getty Images
Davis Turner/Getty Images

People on social media started worrying and wondering what happened. Some even started thinking about what's called the "Miracle on the Hudson."

Jan. 15, 2022, marked the 13th anniversary of the "Miracle on the Hudson." 13 years ago a U.S Airways airplane hit a flock of birds while taking off from LaGuardia Airport.

Pilot Sully Sullenberger managed to land the plane with 155 people onboard safely in the Hudson River.

Thankfully, on Friday, first responders learned a plane did not crash into the Hudson River.

Newburgh, NY Waterfront

"Westchester PD advising of a touch and go. No plane crash," Orange and Rockland County Fire wrote in a comment on its Facebook post about the reported plane crash.

Officials later confirmed it was a "seaplane" practicing "touchdowns" in the Hudson River.

Seaplane Practicing In Hudson River Causes Scare

Just before midnight on Friday the Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department provided more information.


"Earlier this evening (Friday), there was a report of an airplane crash in the Hudson River. This was not correct - as the plane in question was merely a seaplane doing 'touchdowns' in the river," the Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department.

This marks the second time in the last few months that a reported plane crash in the Hudson River turned out to be a seaplane.

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