I was feeling a bit nostalgic today after reading an story about what kids did in the '90s. The story mentioned the kids play place Discovery Zone, and I thought back to a time when we had a DZ here in the Hudson Valley, at the South Hills Mall in Poughkeepsie.

The South Hills mall closed a few years back, however there are still some stores that occupy the area and it has gone under quite the upgrade.

Discovery Zone, Media Play, Bob's. They were all staples at the South Hills Mall. I'll never forget the day in the late '90s when I was heading into Media Play and a guy ran past me  with a DVD player in his hands, jumped in a car and took off. I thought "wow he must be really excited to watch those movies in such clarity."

It turned out that the man stole the DVD player. Ah, the memories.

I went on to Google today to see if there were any pictures or videos of the South Hills Mall in it's prime and I wasn't disappointed. I came across this gem:

I have a feeling this isn't a real ad for the South Hill Mall, but it sure did bring back some memories. What do you remember about the South Hills Mall?

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