And once again the debate raging on as we all head out to get the holiday tree. Do we get a real tree or do we get an artificial tree better known as the fake tree. Let's breakdown the arguments.

3 reasons why people get a real tree. It makes the house smell good. Experts say it is actually good for the environment. Buying a real tree support local tree farmers.

3 reasons why you get a fake tree. So you don't bring forest bugs into the house. Because it make the house smell like a car air freshener. Because you down have to vacuum up the pine needles everyday.

All of the above are good reason to go with your choice. We didn't even mention that you can be allergic to pine trees. And hey the artificial trees come in some pretty cool colors.

So how do you decide? I have found a lot of times it has to do with whether or not you had a real tree or not when you were going up. Having an artificial tree when I was a kid was a luxury. Then somewhere in my college year the tables flipped and the fake tree took on a negative vibe. I blame it on the 80's. We had big shoulder pads in all our clothes and fake trees took on a similar characteristic. There was something really fake about 80's trees.  It wasn't until their redesign in the late 90's that they started looking like trees again. Just my opinion.

I am a real tree person but I can certainly see why some people would go in a different direction. No matter what you decide real or fake make sure you take safety measures while you have your tree up in the house.

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