Our first responders have been through it all, but there is no call big or small that they won't answer.

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, January 12th, the Ramapo Police Department received a call about a pricy feline stuck in a tree. According to the Ramapo Police Department, the call came in around 10:37 am about a cat in a tree in the Village of Airmont. It wasn't just any kind of cat though.

According to the report, it was $2,000 Physical Therapy cat that needed saving.

Thankfully, the Ramapo Police Department received some assistance from the Tallman Fire Department. There's a joke in there about Fire Fighters saving cats...In all seriousness, the therapy cat was reunited with its owner without incident.

This isn't the only Hudson Valley animal rescue in the last few days. Over the weekend, the Esopus fire department responded to a call of a dog stuck on a cliff dangerously close to the Hudson River. Swift response from the Esopus Fire Department got the dog to safety and back in its owners care after 30 minutes.

Another New York pup and its owner needed rescuing earlier this week. The dog wandered onto an iced over Glen Lake when it fell through. The dogs owner went to save it, but also ended up falling through the ice. 911 was called an both the dog and the owner were taken to safety and did not need medical attention.

We're not sure if mercury is in retrograde or if that effects animals behavior, but judging by the last week in animal news...you may want to keep an eye on your four legged friends.

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