RaeLynn got a chance to reunite with her newly-christened military husband, Joshua Davis, before the month of April ended.

The country singer and former The Voice contestant shared new photos of the smiling couple together on Instagram, with Davis in his fatigues. RaeLynn announced in mid-February that her husband had enlisted in the military and was off to basic training.

He's not the first loved one RaeLynn's has watched enter the military, as her brother also serves in the U.S. Army Special Forces. She's spoken of the hardships of military families and the difficulty of not having her brother at special moments in her life before.

"It’s such an amazing sacrifice for any family that has somebody in any part of the military, and I just love to give back and be a voice for that because I know what it feels like to have my brother miss out on birthdays, Christmases," RaeLynn told Fox News in 2016. "My brother wasn’t at my wedding and it’s definitely hard."

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Adding her husband to the military lifestyle has already impacted RaeLynn's life in obvious ways, but she's also feeling the impact onstage — specifically during the song "Diamonds," from her new Wildhorse album.

During the live version of the song, she asks fans to light up the venue with their cell phones to honor her husband and other service members. The emotional effect on RaeLynn is overwhelming.

“Anybody can buy you a ring or a nice necklace or something that has value, but … the love and meaning behind an engagement ring is what makes an engagement ring an engagement ring” she tells Taste of Country. "I’m not gonna tell you it’s easy, and I’m not going to tell you it gets easier. The only thing I can tell you is nobody is going to understand how you feel except another military wife."

RaeLynn notes that she'll be counting the days, 31 to be exact, before she gets to see her military hubby again.

RaeLynn's Song for Husband Josh

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