The Awareness Shop in New Paltz is holding their monthly Psychic Fair and this month it is also Fundraiser. These events are popular each month so plan to come early.

This Saturday Leap Day February 29th from 11 AM to 6 PM you can stop into the Awareness Shop in New Paltz to find out what your future may hold.  These fairs are held monthly at the shop and as it is every month readings are $10 for 10 minutes. You can book longer sessions if you like in 10 minute blocks. Some people like to do $20 for 20 minutes and $30 for 30 minutes. You can book up to a full hour. All readings are cash only and you can't reserve in advance. It is walk up appointments only.

The Church at the Shop is also hosting a fundraiser during the fair for Celtica. Find out more at There will be raffle tickets and prizes available to help with donations.

Each month these fairs are popular so if you are planning to attend come early and plan to spend some time at the shop and enjoy the positive energy. There will be plenty of readers to accommodate everyone so hopefully your wait won't be long. The Awareness shop is located at 180 Main Street in New Paltz. There is parking on the street or at any of the local town lots which are just a short walk for the shop.

If it turns out you are busy on Saturday the Awareness shop wants you to know that they do readings everyday. You get an in person reading for $50 per half hour or by phone for $55 per half hour.

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