Everyday I take Market Street into the station and everyday, I want to punch a pedestrian.

Today for example, I pull up to the red light, windows down because it was such a beautiful morning, drinking my coffee and listening to the radio and I see a lady approaching the crosswalk. "'There is no way she's going to make it across in time" I think but it's a nice enough day, I'm in a good mood, I'll wait a few extra seconds and let her pass.  I'm about to motion to her to go and she just walks right out.

I think I'm using the word walk to loosely because crawl is more accurate.  The traffic light turns green and she's not yet in front of my car but I'm now not able to cross because of fear of hitting her.

She proceeds to cross and it takes her the whole time of the green light to get safely past my car for me to continue.  This enrages the cars behind me, as I would agree and they start blowing their horns.  I'm not half way through the light when the 'walk' light changes and here comes more pedestrians.

I'm now the one blocking the road.  It was awful and I think I drank all of my coffee by the next block.

Everyday, a pedestrian assumes they cross walk lights don't pertain to them.

OK, rant over.  Tomorrow I'm walking.

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