If you're like me, you've been anticipating the latest season of the hit show, You for about a year now.

The second season of the popular series hit Netflix subscriptions the day after Christmas and it was one of the most binged shows during the holiday season. Nothing says "happy holidays" like stalkers, drug addicts and murderers, right? Maybe it was a break from the Hallmark movies we all needed.

I have to warn you there are some small spoilers ahead.

If you don't follow the show, I'll try to quickly catch you up to speed without ruing it too much. The first season follows a psychopath named Joe Goldberg around Manhattan while he's on a desperate quest to win the women of his dreams even. The quest involves some hardcore stalking with a little bit of murder sprinkled in there as well.

The second season takes place in Los Angeles where Joe has now fled and has even assumed a new identity. That's right, things didn't go very well in New York and in the new season, someone from Joe's past comes to visit him. Joe thought he murdered this person and buried them.

It turns out the person was buried in Putnam Valley. The victim is seen speaking to Lake Mahopac Police. I'm pretty sure that specific department is fictional but it's a pretty funny nod to the Hudson Valley.

I have to assume in the writer's room while preparing for the show, they had to find someplace where Joe would realistically want to hide a dead body. I picture someone raising their hands and quickly selling out the Hudson Valley.

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