Hudson Valley residents can help save a popular store.

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KonTiki Trading Post of New Paltz stated on Facebook "creative differences" among owners means the shop will close in the very near future unless enough money is raised to keep the "Spencer Gifts" of New Paltz open.

"Due to creative differences of the owners KonTiki will closing unless one of the partners can raise money for the reopening. I am literally begging you with life to help me save this store," the shop stated on Facebook.

Kon Tiki via facebook 12-20-2019

A GoFundMe was started to help save the store. $15,000 is needed to save the store. As of this writing over $2,635 has been raised.

Kon Tiki via Google

The GoFundMe initially stated the money was needed in 24 hours, but an update states they have "more time" but closing is "still imminent."


"The good news is we have more time. The bad news is the closing is still imminent unless circumstances change. The goal now is for MaryAnn to keep the store open while the business partnership disolves. In order for this to happen MaryAnn needs money for a new business license, insurances, and store stock. The store is solid and has a huge local following as well as a loyal repeat customer base and it will be a huge detriment to the community if we lose it. Contribute or share, every bit is appreciated," the GoFundMe states.

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