Another day, another scam alert!

In today's world I think most of us have that, "is this a scam?" filter, but when the New York State police announce that a new string of scams are circling the Hudson Valley we lean on the side of caution to make sure everyone is aware.

After receiving numerous complaints from people all across New York, about different scams involving scammers asking people for money in the form of gift cards the New York State Police have announced that we all need to be extra carful because scammers are getting even more creative, according to News 10.

Police said, "If someone calls, texts, emails or messages you on social media and asks you to send money in the form of a gift card, it’s probably a scam." Here's how the most recent scam is working, scammers will call and ask people if they would like to help local small businesses, they might say they're from a religious organization, some are claiming they’re from the IRS and you owe money.

We had a woman in Dutchess County call into the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show the other day who told us she got a call from someone saying that her grandson was in jail and she needed to send bail money ASAP. Thankfully she didn't fall for it and reported it to local police.

Once scammers get people to agree to make a donation or send money, they'll ask them to use a gift card for the money. Then they ask people to take a picture of the gift card that shows the gift card number and ask for the PIN that's normally on the back of the card. After the scammer gets all of that, they have full access to the gift card and can take all the money off of it and it’s gone. Most times without a trace, according to police.

If you have received a call like these, or have used a gift card to make a donation and think you might have been scammed, contact your local police to report it.

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