A Hudson Valley dog-owner was arrested after his animal was allegedly found with fecal matter on its coat, maggots in its nose and unable to urinate.

On Saturday, Putnam County SPCA officers arrested 30-year-old Omer Fahim of Kent for animal cruelty and neglect. The Putnam County SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Division was contacted by the Town of Kent dog control officer regarding a dog found on Dean Road, near Fahim’s home.

The dog was familiar to the dog control officer due to it running free numerous times in the past, police say. Because of the condition of the dog, the officer brought the dog to Carmel Animal Hospital.

The 4-year-old male Great Pyrenees dog was found to be in a severe state of neglect, officials say.

According to police, the dog had large amounts of fecal matter strewn throughout its coat, large thick hair mats constricting the dog’s ability to produce waste and urine-soaked matting which constricted the dog’s ability to produce urine. The dog’s nails had become overgrown and began to curl under causing pain to its paws. The dog was also found with maggots coming from its snout area.

The veterinarian who examined the dog stated that without immediate veterinary and after-care, the dog would have possibly died within days, according to the Putnam County SPCA.

The dog was treated, groomed and is currently under veterinary care. Upon investigation, PCSPCA officers were able to determine that the dog had only been loose from the residence for a short period of time, and had been under the owner’s care living in this condition, officials say.

The dog will be placed with a Great Pyrenes rescue group after continued veterinary care.

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