I always found it weird that people had a favorite brand of water. Water is water, right? It should all taste the same...

Anyway, one of the more popular brands of bottled water is Poland Spring. Their unmistakeable green labels seen all over your favorite grocery store or local delil. If you were in Beacon at all last week you might have seen a Poland Spring bottle getting some extra attention in town.

Poland Spring recently started a social media promotion called #PSDayTrip. A bottle of Poland Spring will visit different cities around the U.S. and the Hudson Valley was it's first stop.

First, they stopped at Billy Joes Ribworks in Newburgh.

Then they made it to their first official destination on the road trip, Beacon. Poland Spring hit all the hot spots including the top of Mount Beacon.

The bottled H20 then made it's way to Drink More Good and made some specialty cocktails with Poland Spring Seltzer

If Poland Spring were to come back to the Hudson Valley, where are some places you would recommend they visit on a road trip?

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