I don't know if it's because it seems like everyone else is doing it that people feel that they need to do it or because they are afraid of running out if they have to be stuck in the house for 2 weeks but please, stop buying baby wipes.

I understand that baby wipes do the same trick as toilet paper and in some cases probably a better job but stop buying them.  Please.

Baby wipes are called baby wipes for a reason.  They are designed for babies.  Their little skin is way more sensitive than adults or even children for that matter.

I have an 18 month old that can't use toilet paper and it's becoming really hard to find wipes for her.

We were able to find some thru Amazon but that has since changed too.

It's OK to buy a few packs but please, leave them for the little ones that don't have a choice, shouldn't have to suffer and are innocent in all of this.


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