One of my favorite games as a kid was playing chicken fight in the pool.  Especially when the other person as my partner was a girl.

If you are unfamiliar with chicken fights, it was when you would have someone sit on your shoulders and the other team of two would do the same thing and the top two people would wrestle to get the other knocked down.

I was always pretty sure footed and strong enough to hold my partner up so we would win a lot but as an adult, I never played.

Now, there is a way to play and not only have fun but be safe and not need a partner.

Chicken Fight Pool Floats are now a thing and can be purchased on Amazon.

Basically, you use the giant chicken float as the weapon and beat each other into oblivion or until the float breaks or you fall in the water.

I don't have a pool but I'm on my way as soon as I get that invite.

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