With Fall in full swing and winter on the way some of us have to say goodbye to weekends and time off outdoors. That is unless we are the owner of a cool camper or RV that we could drive to warmer temperatures. Over the past few years many parent of my friends have opted out of the condo in Florida and opted in to the fifth wheel with a truck. As the last of us baby boomers heads into retirement it is becoming more common to get a retirement house on wheel instead of ones backing up to a golf course.

I am not anywhere near ready to retire, but it did get me thinking "what would I want?" A cottage on the beach? A condo in the high desert? Or a home on wheels where I could have it all. Guess what I am leaning towards?

So will it be cottage, condo or caravan? Fortunately, I have time to plan and save. This is my selfie from Camping World in Kingston sitting outside a model I could consider the retirement estate if it only came with the "Toy Hauler" option.

So next May I will be doing some more research at the Northeast Outdoor Sports Show at the Dutchess County Fair Grounds. Camping World will be there with more of the 2018 models and maybe by then I will have decided on goose neck or driving style. See you around the camp fire.

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