They're here! If you're in Orange County from May 31st through June 2nd, you may see some extraterrestrial creatures walking around, and for good reason!

The Pine Bush UFO Fair Returns

Every year, the Town of Crawford welcomes UFO and alien enthusiasts from all over to The Pine Bush UFO Fair. Now in its 13th year, The Pine Bush UFO Fair welcomes all to enjoy an out-of-this-world experience.

This year the Pine Bush UFO Fair will host a ton of events. Kicking things off on Friday, May 31st at the Senior Center will be Space Prom a "Radical-retro Alien Formal.

Then on Saturday, June 1st, The Pine Bush UFO Fair will host The Best in Galaxy Alien Beauty Pagent. The 2024 Pine Bush UFO Fair has several categories to participate in for a chance to win. Toddlers, pets, kids, and adults are all encouraged to participate.

Pine Bush UFO Fair
Pine Bush UFO Fair

You can check out a full list of events on the Pine Bush UFO Fair Facebook page and website.


Pine Bush, New York Popular Destination for UFO and Paranormal Activity

Pine Bush has been called The Area 51 of the East Coast and for good reason. There have been tons of sightings throughout the years. There's even a rumor that Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers had an Orange County UFO experience when he first made it to the NFL.

In 2021, UFO and Paranormal experts teamed up and released a documentary about all the strange unidentified activity to happened across the Hudson Valley.

READ MORE: New Documentary Explores Alien Invasions in the Hudson Valley

According to the documentary, there have been more than 3,000 "extraterrestrial encounters over the last decade" in Pine Bush and across the Hudson Valley.

Have you ever witnessed a UFO in your neighborhood?


UFO Sightings Across New York State in

We're about halfway through the year, but it's been a busy one in the skies.

Central New York was apparently a hotbed of UFO activity in early 2024, take a look at some of the sightings below:

UFO Sighting Over Central New York February 24th 2024

It's been a busy end of February for Central New York and UFO sightings. Did you see these crazy lights over Utica?

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

February seems to be a busy time for UFO sightings in New York. There were a handful of sightings in February 2022:

6 of the Most Recent UFO Sightings in Upstate New York

And speaking of crazy happening in the sky, do you think the Aurora Borealis from May 11th was a sign from the Aliens?!?

Rare Aurora Flare Puts on Stunning Show in The Hudson Valley

Did you capture the May 11th, 2024 Aurora Solar Flare? We'd love to see your photos! In the meantime check out a few photos captured across the Hudson Valley and Greater Danbury area.


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