If you were in an emergency with your pet would you know how to help them? Knowing pet first aid is so important if you are a pet parent.

We often take our pets with us on journeys. They can run into the same situations we do and the question is if your pet was in need of first aid or even CPR would you know what to do?? If you answered no or I am not sure you should consider taking the pet first aid training being offered by the Medical Reserves Corps.

Learn Pet First Aid from the Professionals in Amenia, New York

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) of Dutchess County will be holding its very popular Pet First Aid Training on Wednesday, June 5th at 7 PM. Joining them at the Town Hall in Ameinia which is located at 4988 State Route 22 to learn how to help your pet during a health emergency or accident.

Not only is this a great night to learn about the First Aid but it will also be supporting a great group of local animal rescues with the help of Top Dog 4-H Club. The Dutchess County Animal Response Team (DCART) will also be in attendance with information on how to include your pets in your emergency preparedness plan.

How to Give Your Dog CPR

Training participants will learn possible life-saving skills for pets, including CPR; recognizing signs of heat stroke and hypothermia; identifying gastrointestinal issues, allergies, and poisonings; and treating injuries such as burns, eye issues, wound care and more (via email from Dutchess County Government)

The course is free but seats are limited so please register online in advance.

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